Some asshole in my physiology class

  • Asshole: Haha, the people who would take a pill to stop being fat are just LAZY which is why they're FAT IN THE FIRST PLACE
  • Me: Uh no, there are different body types and metabolic rates. Plus *just weight* is not actually correlated with serious health risks. Finally there's a whole lot of societal pressure, starting with attitudes like yours, that cause people to be so desperate to lose weight that they'll shit in their pants.
  • Prof: Correct, blah blah study showed that people who were overweight lived longer than those who were at an "ideal" weight. (Or something like that I can't remember specific parameters).
  • Asshole: Ugh that's not what I MEANT.
  • Yeah dude. What did you mean, skinny white cis guy? I'm sure it was ~positive and affirming~ of all bodies. Uh huh.